Aussie Titles (24 hour Enduro)


What is it?

The 24 hour Obstacle Enduro is Australia’s first, and one of the world’s only, 24 hour obstacle course racing event. It comes as a result of a proud partnership between the OCRA and True Grit – Military Inspired Obstacle Challenge. The event is open to all participants, and includes a teams format that makes racing accessible to all fitness levels. The national endurance championship doubles at the event, with the faster competitors battling for the Aussie Titles crown.  Registrations now open at

Enduro Announcement

(Source: 13th February 2014)

Yesterday afternoon the much anticipated 24 hour Obstacle Enduro event placed the final stepping stone in the path to becoming a reality by opening for entry. The event comes as a result of a partnership between the Obstacle Course Racing Association of Australia (OCRA) and True Girt – Military Inspired Obstacle Challenge. Though details of the event were revealed a week ago, the date and location were held secret as logistics were finalised prior to registration opening. We now know the event kicks off on 23 August 2014 at the True Grit event in Sydney.

The 24 hour Obstacle Enduro is set to be a hallmark OCR event in 2014. A multi lap event, the main aim is for challengers to complete as many laps as possible over the 24 hour period. But the addition of the teams format means most any challenger is welcome to have a go. Despite being a full 24 hour event, people can register with a team of up to four, and take the event as seriously or as jovially as they want. According to OCRA Chairman, Adam McDonald, there will be some world class athletes at the event. However, he notes that, ‘For the majority of participants it will be a chance to create an incredibly powerful memory with friends, to experience true camaraderie and soak in a fantastic atmosphere created by a mass of humans at their best. The strategies for making it through the event are endless with teams able to rest, sleep, and get going whenever they feel the need. It’s the relay format which makes this event so accessible’.

For those seeking some serious endurance challenge, the Obstacle Enduro will take you to your absolute limits. Three and two person team options are available, edging the nature of the event more and more towards extreme. But then there is the solo event, which will put some of the finest, bravest and hardiest of souls on full display. This is a major bucket list event and though it requires some serious training and attention, it is more about the individual than the race, and is available to anyone with a burning need within them for a serious challenge.

Doubling at the Obstacle Enduro is the long course championship Aussie Titles. Australia’s best are already eyeing off the event, with Deanna Blegg, first female and top ten finisher overall at World’s Toughest Mudder 2013, and Tim Kacprzak, also a top 10 finisher at World Toughest Mudder, already expressing their interests. The event is set to attract some other big names in endurance racing and is also groundbreaking in that it is also scheduled for broadcast on ESPN, with a full production team set in place to make the feature happen.

For McDonald, the appeal is the full spectrum of participants having a go, whether they are world elite or mates having a great time. ‘Whether you are there for fun, for a life changing experience, to witness other’s incredible feats of grit and determination, or for a secret inner need, the Enduro will provide.’

To register, head to

For information, the full FAQ on the Enduro from the True Grit website is copied in below. (source:


What is Australia’s first 24hr Enduro Race?

For those who smashed our 10-12km courses in 2013 and wanted an even bigger challenge in 2014, we have taken it to the next level. True Grit has teamed up with the Obstacle Course Racing Association of Australia (OCRA) to bring you Australia’s first ever 24hr Obstacle Course event. Basically, our course will be open from 2pm on the Saturday afternoon to 2pm on the Sunday afternoon. That’s 24 hours of True Grit obstacle racing. It’s not for the faint hearted.


This 24 hour challenge isn’t just for the fittest man, woman or team on the planet. They will be there for sure. But it’s actually open to everyone who has enough Grit to register.

What do I get?

Registered participants will get the chance to participate in Australia’s first and one of the world’s only 24 hour Obstacle Races. You will receive a Finisher’s Shirt at the finish line, and a cold Broo beer or a Caudo Sangria if you can stomach it.

Course Length

As long as you want it to be. The event is lap based with each lap approx. 10km. Each time you hit the course and finish, that’s one lap. Your aim, or your team’s aim, is to get out there for as many laps as your body can handle. So there is a start line, but you create the finish line depending how you tolerate the grueling course. You just keep Gritting your teeth for the 24hr period or until your body physically can no longer go on.

Solo and Team options

The endurance event is open to all challengers and has multiple solo and team formats that make the concept of racing 24 hours palatable for most fitness levels. Racers are invited to challenge the course solo in a grueling and mentally demanding battle, or to register for the event as part of a two, three or four person team. Only one racer is allowed on course at a time, so the option is open to competitors to hit the course as hard as they like, then rest and enjoy the company of likeminded friends while waiting for team mates to return from their lap. Strategy will play a major part in how well a team performs and it is open to teams to take it as easy and friendly, or as hard and as serious, as they choose.

How we track your laps

At the start of every lap you, or the teammate heading out on course, must sign at a designated area in the start/finish areas (Pit Area) to indicate that you or they have left the Pit Area. At the finish of every lap you must return to that area to sign you have completed a lap. This will be a simple and seamless process.

At the finish of every lap you have two choices; continue on and enter another consecutive lap, or pass on the active racing to a team mate. If you continue on, simply sign to indicate you have left for another lap. Or, if your team mate is leaving, they sign off they have headed out on course.

IMPORTANT: There will be a ‘baton’ item that will be wearable and exchangeable between teammates. This ‘baton’ indicates the person who is ‘active’ on course. Solo competitors will wear this for the duration of the event. Teams must pass this item on to whoever is leaving for the course inside the start shoot in view of the Marshall. If you do not have this item on display at the registration tent, you cannot have the finish of your lap marked off. Do not forget to pass this item on to whoever heads out on course.

Can I have breaks?

Yes, participants can stop to have a break, either by pitting in The Pit or at a warming station out on course. It is up to each Gritter to determine when they should take a break, depending on their body’s needs and their race strategy. It might be a solo decision, or the team might have to develop strategy to get the most out of each member throughout the event. It is key to note that participants will only be allowed to enter The Pit after finishing a complete lap. If participants enter The Pit any other time, they will be disqualified. Similarly, there is only one way back out on course. Any other entry to the course will result in a disqualification.

We have a format with the Enduro that allows the individuals that enjoy extreme endurance to fulfil their needs. So there will be some men and women who literally do not stop for the full 24 hour period. At the very same time, people who either are not interested in such extreme levels of endurance, or would simply prefer to approach the event with a more relaxed attitude, can do so and enjoy the entire process with a group of friends. You can choose to run through the night, or decide you would prefer to have a sleep and get back into the event come the morning. All options are open. The answers to these questions will form you strategy for the event.

Take care of yourself

Once you become unwell or feel unable to continue we encourage you to end the event. Once you remove yourself you will not be able to re-commence the race.


Some food for purchase will be available in the Pit Area up to midnight, opening again at 6am.

Coffee and BBQ style meals will be available. For example, steak and sausage sandwiches, fish, chicken, vegetarian options and salad. Some snacks and energy/race nutrition might be available (e.g protein bars and energy gels), however, do not factor this being available into your nutrition planning.


The event finishes at the 24 hour mark. If you are part way on course when the 24 hours ends, that lap will not count to your total. So, factoring in if you can squeeze another lap in will be critical in your strategy.

The winner will be the person completes the most laps. In the vent that people complete the same number of laps, the winner is the person who finishes that final lap first.


Bring whatever you think you’ll need to be comfortable, keeping in mind the course involves undulating terrain, stretches of water and long stints of mud. It is your responsibility to deal with the consequences of whatever gear you bring and you cannot abandon unwanted gear on the course.

Immediately below we have set out mandatory equipment. This will be checked you must have this gear to participate.

In other global 24 hour events many participants underestimate the cold and do not heed the warning to bring a wetsuit. Many such competitors withdraw from the competition before completing even one lap. If you plan to be around for more than a couple of hours, we strongly suggest you do not take the cold lightly.


Clip-on safety strobe light
Safety whistle
Food and drink. (We will be serving water and Electrolyte Sports Drinks on the course, but you do not want to rely solely on those two sources to power you through).

Suggested gear

A wetusit might be worth considering. You will get wet on course and temperatures could be around 6 degrees at night. A 6mm surf wetsuit with hood is recommended.
Neoprene gloves
2XU Waterproof jacket
Triathlon shoes/Aqua shoes
2XU Gloves
Race belt
2XU Running compressions
Personal hydration system
Swim cap


Wetsuits are allowed and strongly encouraged in order to stay warm after crossing the water obstacles at night.

Support crew

Solo 24 hour competitors may have one support crew. This must be a person 18 years or over and will need to sign a waiver the same as all entrants. They are allowed in the Pit Area up to 12pm at night then will need to leave the Pit Area for the remainder of the event.

Spectators are welcome but are not allowed in the Pit Area. Once Support Crew have left the Pit Area at 12 PM, they are can remain at the event as a Spectator, but can not enter the Pit Area again.

Pit Crew may not under any circumstances enter the course. They cannot assist competitors on course in any way whatsoever. In the Pit Area they can help with food preparation, strategy, moral support and changing clothes.

Two, three and four person teams do not get access to a support crew.


Generators or heaters of any kind (There will be a number of fires in the festival area)
Football Boots or metal studded trail running shoes.
Drugs and alcohol
Pit crews
Performance enhancing drugs
Fires (Lit in camping/pit area)

Suggestions for your camp

At least one full change of clothing
Camping tent (2 man tent only) per site. Solo and 2 person teams get one site. Three or four person teams get 2 sites.
Sleeping bag and light camping mat.
Torch or a lantern
Dry towels
2XU Compression socks
Extra waterproof clothing
Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen
Band-Aids, blister packs
Additional food and drinks as needed

Cars in the pits?

No cars are allowed in the Pit Area. Plan to have all your gear and food mobile as you will need to carry it to your site.


Prices vary from individual to teams of two, three and four.